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Drive from the hotel 63.4 mi
3 hr hike
Difficulty Moderate
Hawaii Island
South Point | Hike
Papakōlea Green Sand Beach

Take a long scenic hike to one of two green sand beaches in the US.

Time from Hotel to Trail Head 1.5 hr drive

Green Sand Beach, or Papakolea Beach, is one of two green sand beaches in the world. It also happens to be a stones throw from the southernmost point in the United States. The beach itself is carved in a 49,000 year old cinder cone that contains the green crystals (olivines) – which give the beach its name – mixed with black lava and white coral/shells sand.The hike in, which is a bit long, but flat and very walkable, provides lots of interesting scenary and beautiful ocean views. There is no shade, however, so be prepared with plenty of water and skin protection.Swimming at the beach is possible at the right times, however, it can become quite choppy and dangerous. So, use precaution.

Green Sand Beach with wave crashing on it.