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Drive from hotel 4.5 mi
Beach Day
Access Easy
Hawaii Island
South Kona | Beach
Magic Sands Beach

A local gem on Hawaii's Big Island

Open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Magic Sands Beach, also known as La’aloa Bay Beach Park, offers an authentic slice of Hawaiian life. This neighborhood beach is situated approximately 4.5 miles south of the lively town of Kona on Hawaii’s Big Island, making it a convenient destination for visitors staying at the nearby Pacific 19 hotel. Known originally as White Sands Beach Park, it’s been affectionately rechristened “Magic Sands” due to its fascinating disappearing act. During periods of high surf, the ocean currents sweep the beach away, revealing the dark lava rock below. Once the swell ceases, the currents return the sand to the shore, a process that may take several weeks but keeps the sand remarkably clean.

The beach provides ample opportunities to engage with the area’s unique character. The calm morning waters often offer excellent conditions for swimming and snorkeling, especially within the protected areas along the rocky barriers. However, during southern swells and the winter months, heavy shore breaks and rip currents can make the waters more challenging, making it an exciting spot for local boogie boarders. Fortunately, Magic Sands is one of the few Big Island beaches with a lifeguard tower.

Surfers also find the beach appealing

With its steady waves suitable for both seasoned wave-riders and beginners. From sunbathers to surfers, thrill-seekers to casual vacationers, Magic Sands Beach caters to all.

While visiting Magic Sands Beach, make sure to stop by Da Poke Shack located about 1 mile away on Ali’i Drive. This local eatery is a must-visit for poke enthusiasts, offering a mouthwatering selection of fresh and flavorful poke bowls. Indulge in the island’s culinary delights before or after your beach excursion for a true taste of Hawaii’s vibrant cuisine.

Enjoy the unique charm and natural beauty of Magic Sands Beach, where the ocean meets the shore and memories are made against the backdrop of Hawaii’s Big Island.