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Drive from hotel 13.6 mi
Access Hard
Captain Cook Monument
Hike | Beach
Kealakekua Bay

Hike or Kayak to the top snorkeling spot on the island.

Time from Hotel to Trail Head 25 min drive

Located on the Kona Coast, Kealakekua Bay has one of the most abundant coral reefs on the island, making it amazing for snorkeling. Sometimes you can even find a pod of spinner dolphins that use the bay as resting grounds. However, you won’t reach the bay without effort. It is accessible via a strenuous 2 mile hike (each way) or kayaking in. You will also find the Captain Cook monument located on the shore. Dedicated to Captain James Cook, he become forever intertwined with the history of Hawai’i, both because he made the first recorded European contact there and later due to his death at the location.

palm trees
dried lava
starfish between rocks underwater
dried yellow palm leaf