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Duration 2.5 hrs – Personalized
Rated Easy to Moderate Age All ages

Embark on a remarkable adventure with our private and shared yacht charters, setting sail from the iconic Waikiki. Our intimate vessels cater to families, couples, corporate suites, and anyone seeking a personalized experience on the crystal-clear waters of Hawaii. Choose from our exquisite fleet of three premium vessels and prepare for a tailored journey filled with genuine service and warm aloha spirit.

With a range of bespoke experiences available, trust us to curate an unforgettable voyage that will leave you with lasting memories. Allow us to guide you through the breathtaking landscapes and seascapes of Hawaii, as you discover the unparalleled beauty and magic of Waikiki on a private or shared yacht charter like no other.

Food & Drink Offering
Tasting Menu Includes, Crispy Chicken Katsu Over Rice, Skewered Pork Belly with a Kona Coffee Infused Pineapple Glaze, Local Fresh Ceviche with Kauai Shrimp, Local Greens,
Complementing Garnish and Dressings.*

*Offerings subject to change based on availability.


“Waikiki: 3 unforgettable tours.”

Starting at $800/hr

Waikiki Private Charter

While on charter, have multiple activity options such as snorkeling, sightseeing, marine mammal observing, sailing, fishing and more. As with all trips, the private charters include menu options appropriate to the time of day, as well as hosted soft drinks and bar options.

Starting at $270/person

Waikiki Exclusive Snorkel + Lunch

Have the opportunity to see turtles, dolphins, whales, flying fish and more!
Shared Charter Experiences on Tues, Thurs
Six Passenger Maximum
Depart 10:00am
Certified Captain & Crew
Drinks & bar options
Lunch, snacks included
Snorkel equipment included

Starting at $205/person

Waikiki Couples Snorkel Retreat

Have the opportunity to see turtles, dolphins, whales, flying fish and more!
Three Couple Maximum (6 pax max)
Certified Captain & Crew
Drinks & hosted bar options
Various Hawaiian Chips, Fresh cut Pineapple & Strawberries
Fishing Optional
Snorkel & Water Gear Aboard

Q: What kind of ocean life will I be able to see?

A: Throughout the year we encounter various species of Fish, Turtles, Eels, Rays, Crustaceans and marine mammals such as Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins and Humpback Whales (Seasonal). Although it is less common, we do come across other large Oceanic Mammals, such as Risso Whales, Rough Tooth Dolphins, Spotted Dolphins, False Killer Whales, Melon Headed Whales, Pilot Whales and more!
Though we love to view our wonderful Hawaiian ocean life as much as possible, it is within our company’s discretion to respect the legal and safe viewing distances applicable to each species.

Q: What should I wear? What should I bring?

A: First and foremost, all charters are offered as barefoot cruises for all vessels. There is no need for heels, shoes or boots as all footwear will be removed. Slip-on type of footwear are easiest for onboarding and deboarding.
For snorkeling charters: Wear anything comfortable and flexible. If you plan to jump into the water with us, bring or wear your swimwear. A hat for sun protection is always a great idea to ensure you don’t burn your upper extremities.
For evening charters: Button downs and dresses are welcome to the boat, however keep in mind the possibility of windy conditions. Anything comfortable and flexible will always be great. Whether Summer or Winter, the temperature cools quickly when the sun disappears; bring an extra cover up or sweater if you get cold.
Towels: For any charter that may include snorkeling or swimming, we always kindly suggest bringing towels. Though we have towels aboard for our guests, the more towels, the merrier.
Sunscreen: For many reasons besides the obvious, we suggest bringing or pre-applying sunscreen to your skin. Please note that laws in Hawaii have been enacted that restricts use of non reef-safe sunscreens. Join us in protecting our waters by checking your sunscreens before boarding.




Recommended by 99% of traveler
(23 Reviews)

Samuel Lutz

Such a great experience. The boat was super clean, we got to see sea turtles and a beautiful sunset, and the crew was fantastic! We will be back for sure!

Brian Jones

Captain Mash is awesome. One of the best experiences of my life was seeing the shores of Oahu, the dolphins, the sea turtles…. and the snorkeling was incredible too. I felt safe and protected as their crew was attentive to our every need. 100% recommend for you and your family. Great food, even better cocktails, one Epic Adventure!!!! Don’t miss this on your trip to Hawaii.

Carla Weinheimer

We had such a great time on the Ko Olina morning snorkel. We had Austin and Kuli as our captain and they were great. We were able to fish, snorkel, and enjoy being on the water. We had a great lunch and great drinks. We will definitely do this again when we come back. I cannot recommend this company enough!!

Vincent LII

Amazing cruise with a great crew full of Aloha. Beautiful yatch with plenty of space to relax and enjoy. The captain and first mate were on point with the safety and they made sure we had everything we needed. We got to see turtles and spinner dolphins and snorkel in beautiful waters. After swimming they provide you with a warm shower and serve food and beverages. The boat is super clean and comfortable. We had the most relaxing time and beautiful experience out on the ocean and we would do it again without a doubt. Thank you Mana Cruises!