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Duration 1.5 hrs Rated Easy to Moderate Age 7+

$135 Person

Dive into the heart of the ocean’s ballet with the renowned Kona Manta Ray Snorkel experience, an unparalleled night adventure along the Kona coast. The Travel Channel named this particular tour one of the 10 things you must do in your lifetime, and for good reason. Our Night Manta Experience is a unique and singular experience and this is the only place on the entire planet you can do it at night. This captivating journey invites you into the ethereal world beneath the waves, where manta rays soar with a grace that captivates the heart and the imagination.

Operated by Sea Quest in the picturesque vicinity of Keauhou Bay, this snorkel tour is your gateway to witnessing the grandeur of manta rays, whose wingspans can reach an awe-inspiring 16 feet. As dusk falls and you embark on this manta night snorkel, the ocean transforms, revealing a dance of shadows and light orchestrated by these gentle giants.

Manta Ray Village: A Natural Spectacle

The phenomenon at Manta Ray Village located in Keauhou Bay along the Kona Coast is truly one of nature’s wonders, a nightly gathering of manta rays drawn to the vibrant life ignited by the light boards used by boat operators for the manta ray night dive. Here, in the glow of these lights, plankton converge in vast numbers, providing a feast for the mantas and a spectacle for human observers. This unique interaction forms the heart of the manta ray night snorkel experience, creating memories that resonate long after the adventure concludes.


Sea Quest: Your Snorkel Tour Operator

Embark on a snorkel tour with Sea Quest, your expert guide to the enchanting underwater realm. This journey is more than a simple tour; it’s an immersive experience where you float alongside mantas, witnessing their serene grace. The tour is designed to accommodate participants of all skill levels, ensuring a safe and mesmerizing experience. With Sea Quest, you’re not just observing; you’re part of the ocean’s nocturnal life.

It happens very rarely, but you may be wondering what happens if there aren’t any mantas out? Sea Quest invites you to come back out once more on another night at no additional cost to you, or on a confirmed Captain Cook Exclusive afternoon snorkel tour at no additional charge.  Check their exact policy when checking out, but it’s a great safety net so you can confidently book.


  • Unique opportunity to snorkel with manta rays at night
  • Comprehensive snorkel gear provided, including prescription masks
  • Inclusive of wetsuits and innovative flotation devices
  • Complimentary hot chocolate and cookies

Engaging with Mantas: Safety and Respect

Manta rays, known for their docile nature, glide through the water with a tranquility that belies their size. This tour emphasizes respect for these majestic creatures, ensuring that your encounter is both safe and sustainable. You’ll learn the importance of maintaining a respectful distance, preserving the magic of the experience for all involved.




Recommended by 99% of traveler
(803 Reviews)

Claire Bailey

Did the manta rays night snorkeling and it was amazing! So many mantas is exceeding any possible expectations. One of our guides was talking the entire time with amazing facts and information on the mantas, island and local area.


Shane Sela

Manta ray night snorkel was really excellent. Very knowledgeable guides. The rays are amazing animals and we’ll worth seeing. The water does get cold.

Peter Snow

Worth the money for the night manta excursion. My wife and like 4 other people got sea sick, so take dramamine before you head out if you are susceptible.

Steve Camp

Capt. John and the crew did an excellent job. As an experienced diver I thought this trip would be somewhat boring. It was far from it. Crew was professional and safety conscious, the mantas were incredible. We were able to identify 6 rays feeding and “dancing” inches from us for the entire hour we were in the water. This was the highlight of our vacation and I’d highly recommend.

Kylie & Matt Hyman

YOU MUST DO THIS IF VISITING THE BIG ISLAND! We absolutely loved our sea quest night manta ray tour! Besides the magnificent creatures, the team was a stand out. We were SUPER lucky and got to see 7 different manta rays. The staff was hilarious with their manta ray dad jokes! We were so impressed and could not recommend them enough!


The Light Board: A Beacon in the Depths

The use of a light board during the snorkel is a game-changer, attracting plankton and, consequently, mantas. This innovative device not only enhances your visibility but also plays a pivotal role in the night’s underwater ballet, creating a convergence point for mantas and snorkelers alike.

Plankton: The Unseen Catalyst

Plankton might be microscopic, but their role in the ocean’s ecosystem is colossal. During your snorkel, you’ll witness firsthand the magnetic allure these tiny organisms hold for mantas, serving as the foundation for a night of wonder. Their abundance ensures the mantas’ graceful presence, making them the unsung heroes of the manta ray snorkel experience.

Exploring Beyond: Keauhou Harbor and Beyond

While Keauhou Bay offers an iconic setting for manta encounters, the adventure doesn’t stop there. Keauhou Harbor serves as a gateway to the broader wonders of the Kona coast, where every cove and coral garden has a story to tell. And as you venture further, each Hawaii tour unfolds new chapters of the island’s rich marine life, from the historic Captain Cook Monument to the untouched splendors of remote bays.

In Conclusion: A Symphony of the Sea

The Kona Manta Ray Snorkel is more than an excursion; it’s an invitation to connect with the profound mysteries of the ocean. It’s an experience that asks you to immerse yourself, to feel the pulse of the water, and to emerge with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the marine world. As you float in the silent ballet of the night, surrounded by mantas and illuminated by the subtle glow of plankton, you become part of a story that transcends time—a dance of shadows, light, and life that continues to enchant all who dare to dive deep.

Please Note:

For the safety of our guests, staff and the manta rays, we require that all participating guests know how to swim without the assistance of a floatation device and have previous snorkeling experience. No exceptions to the rule. Mahalo!

Check-in and departure times are subject to change based on sunset times throughout the year. Please select your desired date for the available times.