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Duration 4-5 hrs Rated Moderate Age All ages
Includes Certified Guide, All kayaking and snorkel gear,
lunch, water (you keep the reusable aluminum water bottle)

$224 Adults
$199 Children 18 and under

Morning Magic Kealakekua Bay Kayak & Snorkel Tour

Immerse yourself in the enchanting waters of Kealakekua Bay, a premier destination on the Big Island known for its pristine snorkeling conditions and fascinating history. Join Kona Boys for an unforgettable journey to this marine sanctuary, where crystal-clear waters and a vibrant tapestry of marine life await.

Kealakekua Bay, a jewel on the Kona Coast, is not just a scenic haven but a site brimming with cultural and historical significance. As a marine life conservation district, the bay boasts some of the best snorkeling in Hawaii, teeming with colorful fish and intricate coral formations. Here, the legacy of Captain James Cook looms large, with the Captain Cook Monument standing as a solemn reminder of the area’s storied past.



  • Join the experience for an amazing 4-5 hour kayak and snorkel tour in Kealakekua Bay.
  • Certified guides will accompany you on a paddle across the calm waters of Kealakekua Bay while sharing the interesting and rich Hawaiian and natural history of the area.
  • Remember to keep an eye out for Nai’a (Hawaiian spinner dolphins) which frequent the area and sometimes put on a show, not to mention whales when in season!
  • Once across the Bay and along the protected shoreline of Ka’awaloa the tour will snorkel what is considered one of the most pristine reefs in the world and take in the abundant marine life which includes over 200 species of reef fish, often spotting turtles, eels, reef sharks, and manta rays.
  • After working up an appetite you’ll be treated to a healthy lunch and refreshments and take some time to visit the Captain Cook monument where the guide will tell the history of Captain Cook in Hawaii.

The tour wraps up with a leisurely paddle back across the bay. It is a magical morning and a great experience for ocean lovers of any age.

Kealakekua Bay: A Snorkeling Sanctuary

Kona Boys’ snorkel tour is a deep dive into the bay’s underwater realm. Equipped with quality snorkel gear, guests can explore the vibrant coral reefs that shelter an array of tropical fish and marine life. The bay’s clear waters and protected status as a marine life conservation district create an ideal environment for snorkeling enthusiasts to revel in the bay’s aquatic wonders.  And, remember, Kona Boys is one of the few companies with permits to land, so it’s the best way to see everything.

Recognized for its ecological importance, Kealakekua Bay is a sanctuary for snorkelers. The clear waters, abundant marine life, and protective measures ensure a safe and enriching experience for all. Whether it’s your first snorkel adventure or you’re a seasoned pro, Kealakekua Bay, with its accessible coral reefs and diverse fish population, is a must-visit destination on Hawaii tours.




Recommended by 96% of travelers
(319 Reviews)

Kendi H

Our trip was so much more than terrific! Evan took such good care of us! The sites were amazing. Several dolphin families /pods to watch from afar and babies spinning and playing. Lots of colorful fish, anemones and even a starfish! Not too many people… Evan was so much fun to be with! He told us “all the things” associated with the Captain Cook area, history and surroundings, but also truly cares about the wildlife and the environment…he keeps the rules to protect the dolphins, the people, and the beautiful Kaleakakua Bay!! The included lunch was so yummy! (thanks Coffee Shack!) We will definitely work with Kona boys again… Very laid back, happy to serve and super professional! Thank you, Evan, for a fantastic experience!!

Margaret J

We did their morning kayak tour across the bay to the monument for snorkeling. The clarity of the water was truly awesome as were the corals and marine life inhabiting it. The paddle was fun, our guide, Bam, was also awesome and did a terrific job of providing historical background as well as important reminders to protect the area and it’s marine fauna and flora. We were provided a delicious lunch (yes, the best vegetarian sandwich I’ve had in a long time!) from a local cafe after ample time to explore the astounding underwater environment. They are a small, local company that most importantly promotes sustainability and ecological practices. This was our 2nd time over the years using their services and their standards remain top notch!

Pauline H

What a fantastic tour. The office/storefront was super helpful getting us going. We met our guide Ray at the water and we were off. Ray was very knowledgeable of the area and the history of the area. We felt vary assured with his instruction and we had a great day. Our lunch providided by Kaya coffee was fantastic. I had a very memorable morning

Meredith T

Our guides Jeff and Craig were highly skilled, patient and worked like pack horses getting our group of 5 kayaks with various skill levels across a choppy bay. Snorkeling was amazing. Go on the early morning tour to avoid the tour ships dropping people off to snorkel. Got crowded once they arrived. We worked hard but had an amazing experience we will never forget!

William Gentner

Our family went with Evan on a kayak/snorkel trip and it was just fantastic. We went relatively early and it was worth it as a very popular reef was near empty. Evan was super knowledgeable and easy going, enabling us and our kiddos to ask what easily could have been an exhausting amount of questions. Well versed on the history and the biology of the island, Evan made trip both a fun sightseeing excursion as well as informative. Lunch was delicious!


Embracing the Bay: Conservation and Connection

Kona Boys is committed to preserving the natural and cultural heritage of Kealakekua Bay. Through educational tours and responsible tourism practices, they foster a deeper appreciation for this unique marine environment. Join them to explore the bay’s wonders while contributing to the conservation of this precious Hawaiian treasure.

Booking Your Kealakekua Bay Experience

Join Kona Boys for an extraordinary journey to Kealakekua Bay, where the spirit of adventure meets the soul of Hawaii. From the historical sites to the underwater wonders, every moment promises to be a captivating encounter with the essence of the Big Island.

Reserve your spot and unlock the secrets of Kealakekua Bay. Whether kayaking across its serene waters, snorkeling among its vibrant marine life, or learning about its historical significance, your journey with Kona Boys will be a highlight of your Big Island activities. Experience the magic of Kealakekua Bay and create memories that will last a lifetime with Kona Boys, your trusted guide to the best of Hawaii tours.


Learn More About
Kealakekua Bay

The Historical and Cultural Significance of Kealakekua Bay

Kealakekua Bay, renowned for its crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life, also holds a profound place in Hawaiian history and culture. As the location where Captain James Cook first made contact with Native Hawaiians, the bay has witnessed significant historical events, including the eventual demise of Captain Cook. The Captain Cook Monument, located at the bay’s edge, serves as a tribute to this complex history, marking a pivotal moment of cultural exchange and conflict.

This bay, nestled along the South Kona coast, is not only a site of historical import but also a living testament to the Hawaiian way of life. The surrounding area, including Hikiau Heiau, a sacred temple, provides insight into the spiritual and daily practices of ancient Hawaiians. Every year, the bay played a central role in the Makahiki festival, a celebration of peace, fertility, and the bounty of the land, honoring the god Lono.

Diverse Marine Ecosystems and Pristine Snorkeling Conditions

Kealakekua Bay stands out as a marine life conservation district, safeguarding its delicate underwater ecosystems. The bay’s snorkeling conditions are unparalleled, offering visibility up to 100 feet, where snorkelers can observe an array of tropical fish, vibrant coral reefs, and possibly even Hawaiian spinner dolphins in their natural habitat. The bay’s status as a state park further underscores its ecological value, ensuring the protection of its marine inhabitants for generations to come.

During your snorkel tour with Kona Boys, you’ll explore these underwater sanctuaries, witnessing the symbiotic relationships between various marine species and their environment. The bay’s waters are a sanctuary for marine life, drawing snorkelers and marine biologists alike to study and enjoy its natural wonders.

Connecting with Nature: Kona Boys’ Commitment to Preservation

Kona Boys is deeply committed to the preservation of Kealakekua Bay’s natural and cultural resources, highlighting historic places and Native Hawaiian heritage. By providing educational and respectful boat tours, they foster a meaningful connection between visitors and this unique marine environment on the Hawaiian Island, emphasizing the importance of conservation and responsible tourism.

Embark on a journey with Kona Boys to experience the beauty and serenity of Kealakekua Bay through their renowned Kona snorkel trips. Whether you’re gliding across its tranquil waters by kayak or exploring its underwater marvels while snorkeling, you’ll engage deeply with the bay’s significance. These experiences not only celebrate but also help preserve the rich tapestry of Hawaii’s natural and cultural heritage, making your adventure with Kona Boys truly unforgettable.

Self-Guided vs. Tour Experience

Kealakekua Bay, a gem on the Big Island, offers myriad ways to be explored, from guided tours to self-guided adventures. Opting for a guided kayak and snorkel tour with Kona Boys allows visitors to gain expert insights into the bay’s rich marine life and historical significance, enhanced by the company’s deep commitment to conservation and education. For those who prefer a more solitary exploration, renting equipment to kayak or snorkel at one’s own pace is a wonderful way to connect personally with the bay’s serene beauty. Choosing Kona Boys as your guide stands as the optimal choice; as one of the few companies with permits to access specific coveted areas within the bay, they offer exclusive experiences like visiting the Captain Cook Monument and pristine snorkeling spots, ensuring a memorable and respectful engagement with one of Hawaii’s most cherished natural resources.