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$18 Kona Coffee Farm Tour
$60 Kona Coffee Brewing Experience
$45 Paniolo Roasting Experience

Heavenly Hawaiian is a renowned coffee farm located in Holualoa, in the Kona region, dedicated to producing 100% Kona Coffee. Established in 1994 by Dave and Trudy Bateman, the farm has since become a key player in the Kona Coffee industry. The Batemans embarked on this venture following Dave’s diverse and accomplished career. They are now integral members of the coffee community on the Big Island.

Jim Johnson, who has extensive experience in customer service and hotel operations management, is a vital member of a larger team of collaborators at Heavenly Hawaiian. His expertise contributes significantly to the operational excellence and strategic development of the farm.

The farm organizes various tours that offer in-depth insights into the coffee production process. The Kona Coffee Farm Tour educates visitors about the farm’s history, the coffee production stages, and includes a guided walk and coffee tastings. Additionally, there is a brewing tour focused on teaching guests various brewing techniques, complete with a personal brewing journal. The Paniolo Roasting experience allows visitors to engage in traditional Hawaiian coffee roasting and leave with their own roasted coffee.


3 Unique Coffee Tours to explore.

Heavenly Hawaiian features three engaging tours for coffee lovers. The Farm Tour delves into coffee growing and processing, the Brewing Experience teaches advanced brewing techniques, and the Paniolo Roasting Experience offers hands-on roasting guided by Hawaiian traditions. These tours provide insight into coffee’s journey from bean to cup, tailored for both novice and experienced coffee enthusiasts.


$18 per person +13 - Children free - Duration: 1 hour

Kona Coffee Farm Tour

The Kona Coffee Farm Tour at Heavenly Hawaiian provides a detailed exploration into the production of Kona coffee. This tour offers an educational overview of the farm's history and the meticulous process of coffee cultivation. Guests can walk among the coffee trees, witnessing the care and expertise that go into each stage of coffee production. The tour also features unlimited tastings of the farm's exceptional coffees, allowing visitors to experience the diverse flavor profiles that distinguish Kona coffee. Aimed at enhancing understanding and appreciation of coffee, this tour sheds light on the journey from seed to cup, ensuring an insightful and memorable experience for all attendees.

$60 per person +13 - Duration: 1 hour

Kona Coffee Brewing

The Kona Coffee Brewing Experience at Heavenly Hawaiian delves into the intricate art of coffee preparation, focusing on French Press and Pour Over methods. This educational encounter provides participants with direct exposure to expert brewing techniques, emphasizing the enhancement of coffee flavor. Alongside hands-on brewing activities, the experience includes unlimited coffee tastings and a personal brewing journal, catering to those keen to refine their brewing skills. This experience aims to deepen participants' knowledge and enjoyment of coffee, offering insights into sophisticated brewing methods and the subtleties of coffee flavors.

$45 per person +13 - Duration: 45 min

Paniolo Roasting

The Paniolo Roasting Experience at Heavenly Hawaiian merges the heritage of Hawaiian cowboys with the craft of coffee roasting. This immersive tour allows participants to roast coffee in a style influenced by paniolo traditions, offering an interactive approach to learning about coffee roasting. The experience includes a historical overview of Kona coffee and paniolo involvement, hands-on roasting, and the opportunity to personalize and take home a batch of roasted coffee. Additionally, guests can enjoy unlimited coffee samples, linking the experience to both the cultural history and the sensory pleasures of Kona coffee. This tour not only educates about coffee roasting and local history but also provides a personalized and engaging activity for visitors.


At Heavenly Hawaiian, the emphasis is on imparting knowledge and creating memorable experiences for visitors. The tours are designed to connect guests with the essence of Kona Coffee, encompassing its flavor, production process, and the dedicated community behind it.




Recommended by 99% of traveler
(1.523 Reviews)

Travel Couple

We love our Kona coffee, so this tour was at the top of our list. Bryce was our tour guide and did a fantastic job. It was really cool seeing a small farm and how the plant, harvest, and roast the coffee beans. They have a small gift shop and samples of the various coffees. The coffee farm is located up some steep turns and curves but once you arrive, it’s an easy walking tour for any age. Say hello to “Charlie” who guards the grounds as the coffee farm’s golden retriever.

Grace Millington

Wow! Could not say enough good things about this place. We had Bryce as our tour guide, he was outstanding! He was extremely knowledgeable, funny, and he made sure to answer any questions we had. The free coffee samples, chocolate samples, fruit picking, and tea samples were great! Charlie the golden retriever was the best bonus, so cute!

cody emmerman

We could not have had a better experience than we did at Heavenly Hawaiian! We had the pleasure of spending the morning with Rick, our tour guide. Not only was Rick knowledgeable but you could tell he genuinely cared! Rick really contributed to our experience in the best way. The coffee that you were able to drink throughout the tour was delicious. We even got chocolate treats along the way. This tour is a great addition to your trip!

Todd Barton

A wonderful experience that’s well worth it. We did both the tour and roasting experience. Rick did a fantastic job with the tour and Bryce was lots of fun with the roasting. 5 stars to each of them!

We only wish that they still offered visitor accommodations, because the view is phenomenal and the pool looks refreshing. Plus, being next to such amazing coffee each morning would complete the perfect vacation!

Miriam Alpern

Had a great experience at this picturesque coffee farm over looking Kona pier. The setting is magical, the surroundings are lush and gorgeous, and we had a fantastic tour with Bryce. He was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, and made this a very memorable experience. Very high marks for the team, the coffee, and the chocolate covered macadamia nuts. They’re delicious.

Angie Yoder

We had a great time!! Our tour guide was so nice, friendly and knowledgeable. We learned a lot and had fun. The tour included walking, some parts were steep so be careful. Parking was limited and tight but that’s the way it is in this region. Everyone on staff was super friendly and made our experience unforgettable. We stayed for 2 hours taking it all in. Highly recommend if you are looking for a personable down to earth inexpensive experience and a love of coffee helps. We bought tickets online the day of our visit.