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$420 Kohala Coast and Waterfalls
$299 Power of Pele Volcano (Doors On)
$725 Experience Hawaii

Imagine soaring above the lush jungles and volcanic craters of Hawaiʻi Island in a helicopter, getting a bird’s-eye view of the island’s stunning natural beauty. This unforgettable experience offers a unique perspective on the incredible diversity of ecosystems and species found on the island.

As you glide over the towering mountains and misty steppes, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the island’s complex geography and geology. And when you fly past the smoldering Kīlauea volcano, you’ll be reminded of the powerful forces that continue to shape this dynamic landscape.

A helicopter tour of Hawaiʻi Island is a must-do for anyone visiting the island, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the island’s beauty and diversity from a whole new perspective.


3 Unique Helicopter Tours.
Choose Your Adventure in Hawaiʻi

Experience the natural wonders of Hawaiʻi Island from a new perspective with these three helicopter tours, each offering a unique and unforgettable aerial experience. From soaring over active volcanoes to exploring hidden valleys and cascading waterfalls, these tours provide an unparalleled opportunity to witness the island’s diverse landscapes and geological features.


Starting at $725 per person


Experience the spectacular highlights of Hawai'i Island in under two hours.

Starting at $420 per person


Find out why wild & wonderful Kohala still thrills our pilots, every time.

Starting at $299 per person


Watch the power of nature in action and witness the newest land on earth being created.


Connect with the islands in unexpected ways

Across the Hawaiian islands, our team is united in our passion for sharing the wonders of Hawai’i. Our exclusive adventures are infused with authentic hospitality and intersect the land, people, and culture of Hawai’i for experiences that create lasting memories and encourage a change in perspective.




$725 per person. Starting price.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as you take to the skies with Paradise Helicopters and explore the stunning beauty of Hawai‘i from above. From cascading waterfalls and secluded valleys to the mighty volcanic formations, including the awe-inspiring Kīlauea volcano, you’ll be amazed at the diversity of landscapes this island has to offer.

Your journey begins at Kona Airport, where you’ll soar over the famous Kona coffee district and marvel at the island’s newest black sand beaches and vast craters formed by recent volcanic activity. Depending on the season, you might even catch a glimpse of snow atop the majestic Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea volcanoes.

As you continue your flight, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of east Hawai‘i’s lush rainforests and the majestic Kohala valleys, which are beloved even by our experienced pilots. And to top it all off, you’ll enjoy a bird’s-eye view of some of Hawai‘i’s most stunning beaches, including the top-rated Hāpuna Beach and Kua Bay.

So come join us on this unforgettable journey and experience the unparalleled beauty and ever-changing landscapes of Hawai‘i like never before!



Tour departs from Kona Airport. Flight times are approximate, do not include check-in time, and total times may vary depending on weather conditions.


  • All five volcanoes of Hawaiʻi Island
  • 2,500-foot deep valleys
  • White and black sand beaches
  • Rugged coastlines with crashing waves
  • Stunning waterfalls
  • Any current activity at Kīlauea
  • Dramatic aftermath of the 2018 lava flow
  • Lush Rainforests
  • Eleven of the planet’s 13 climate zones



$420 per person. Starting price.

Fly with Paradise to the Kohala valleys to hover amidst the breathtaking 2,500-foot waterfalls and sheer cliff faces. En route, you will witness frozen lava flows on the Kona and Kohala coasts from the 1801 Hualālai eruption and the 1859 Mauna Loa eruption, which traveled over 31 miles before reaching the coastline. Dotting the shoreline along the way, you can pick out pristine white and black sand beaches – including Mahai’ula, Kiholo, Anaeho’omalu and Hāpuna – to visit during your stay!

Upon arriving to the lush landscape of Kohala, your pilot will not only show you its rugged coastline, home to dramatic valleys, but will also educate you about this region’s significance in Hawaiian history as the birthplace of Hawai’i’s most famous ali’i (nobility), Kamehameha the Great. Departing from the Kona International Airport, this 60-minute tour is a great choice for guests wanting to see the beauty of Kohala, without sacrificing beach time for drive time.



Tour departs from Kona Airport. Flight times are approximate, do not include check-in time, and total times may vary depending on weather conditions.


  • 2500′ waterfalls and sheer cliff faces
  • Frozen lava flows, Kona and Kohala
  • Shorelines and black sand beaches
  • Waterfalls and rugged coastlines
  • Lush landscape of Kohala
  • Birthplace of Kamehameha the Great



$299 per person. Starting price.

Experience the raw power of nature and the spiritual energy of Pele’s domain with our Power of Pele Volcano Adventure. Soar above the majestic Pacific Ocean and witness the captivating interplay of fire and water that has shaped the Big Island’s landscape for millennia.

Our four-seat MD500 helicopter provides an intimate and thrilling experience, immersing you in the heart of Hawaii’s volcanic wonderland. As you explore the dramatic landscapes of the Big Island, feel the ancient power of the Hawaiian deity Pele, the goddess of fire and volcanoes, who continues to shape the Earth in spectacular fashion.

This extraordinary adventure is a must-do for anyone seeking to connect with the elemental forces of nature and the spiritual energy of the island. Don’t miss your chance to witness the raw beauty of Hawaii’s volcanoes – book your volcano tour today!



Tour departs from HILO Airport. Flight time is 45 min. Flight times are approximate, do not include check-in time, and total times may vary depending on weather conditions.


  • Halema’uma’u Crater
  • Volcanoes National Park
  • Current activity at Kīlauea Volcano



Recommended by 97% of traveler
(1.289 Reviews)

Sharon B

WOW!! What a great experience and an awesome company to work with. They were communicative and nice. Easy to find. Awesome and fun pilot who ensure we saw everything. If you’re the adventurous type, I highly recommend the doors off lava and rainforest flight!! The views are stunning and you’ll get amazing photos and videos!

Balázs Pintér

Incredible door-off flight over the lava fields and coasts. Very professional, safety in-mind operations, taking care of the pax from the first second on. Mahalo, many thanks for this experience!

Nancy Vargas Lozano

Even if I was scared about my first time in helicopter, the explanation before the flight and Jimmy as pilot made me feel so much more comfortable. I had hard time understanding the talk during the flight, but I guess is the lack of experience and the fact that English is not my first language.
I totally loved the views and the patience of Jimmy for everyone to have a nice look of everything!
Thank you for making of my first experience something amazing.

Trina Goetz

This tour was amazing! It was totally worth the price. Even without a current eruption happening, seeing Kilauea in all her steaming glory was incredible! And the rest of the tours waterfalls and lush Hawaiian landscape were beautiful as well. Our pilot was great! We could see our cruise ship as we landed, too 🙂

Kara Rogers

Amazing experience! The views were incredible and I would absolutely book with Paradise helicopters again- only reason we give 4/5 stars is because we wish our pilot would’ve talked more. We had no idea where we were or what we were looking at most of the time, we wish he could’ve narrated a bit more.

Brendon Anderson

Great flight with Joyce, great ground crew too. Only problem was lack of red lava… Kilauea didn’t cooperate although we had a great scenic trip with good commentary in a door’s off chopper.