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Duration 1 hrs Rated Easy Age all ages

$30 Adults Ages 18+
$20 Youth Ages 13-18
$10 Children Ages 12-
$25 Kama’aina Adults Ages 18+ β€’
$20 Kama’aina Youth Ages 13-18 β€’

β€’ Must present valid Hawaii State ID

Experience the wonders of the beehive with Big Island Bees, where you’ll embark on an immersive journey into the fascinating world of beekeeping. This multi-generational, family-run business has been a leader in organic honey production since the 1970s, tending to over 2,500 hives and 125 million busy bees. During the one-hour tour, you’ll have the unique opportunity to safely observe a live hive from a screened area, discover the intricate process of honey-making, and learn about the different roles within the bee colony. This is a chance to connect with nature and gain a newfound appreciation for the hardworking bees that make it all possible. Get ready to be captivated by the sweet world of Big Island Bees!

As a sweet finale to the tour, guests are invited to indulge in a honey tasting session, sampling the diverse and intense flavors of raw, organic Hawaiian honey. Each variety is a unique reflection of the island’s pristine and rare geography, offering a taste of the island’s natural beauty. The tour is not only an educational experience about beekeeping, but also a celebration of the vital role that bees play in our ecosystem. By supporting Big Island Bees, guests can take part in preserving this crucial element of the natural world and taste the sweet rewards of sustainable beekeeping.🐝🍯


Connect with nature’s pollinators


What can you learn about bees in an hour? A lot! Especially when you explore them in their hive with our experienced beekeepers.

  • A tour and inspection of a live hive with our beekeeper, where you can watch and learn how bees live and forage.
  • Free sampling of all our different honey varietals.
  • A short video explaining the production of honey from flower to jar.
  • Once the tour is over, you are welcome to browse the museum’s artifacts and historical items and peruse the many unique, locally produced gift items.


We’re located close to the Painted Church, Kealakekua Bay (where Captain Cook first landed on the island), an ancient heiau (temple), Pu’uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park and Greenwell Coffee Farm.




Recommended by 98% of traveler
(667 Reviews)

Emily Davis

My family visited Big Island Bees during our stay in Kona and it was one of the most unique experiences on the Island. They have very small intimate tour groups which made the experience even better. We learned so much about bees and the best ways we can help our bees in Texas.

Joe was an amazing tour guide and insanely knowledgeable about bees and beekeeping. Joe was the funniest most engaging tour guide I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. The honey tasting at the end of the tour was mind-blowing. I’ve always liked honey, but even if you don’t you should give this honey a try. There are so many unique flavors you’re bound to find one you like! Thank you to the one and only Joe! It was a truly memorable event on our visit to the Island.

Anand Kasukurthi

Nice cute shop hidden away from hustle and bustle. Several varieties of honey for tasting. We liked spicy 🌢️ honey 🍯. They offer guided tours on specific time. We did not take the tour due to schedule conflicts.

Ryan Holding

Our tour guide there was so incredible that he made the whole experience even more fun! If you want to learn about bees, honey, and taste some amazing things, this is the place to go!!

Cedes B

Products are awesome. Info is great. Tour guide can be a little aggressive with some of his answers if your question regards a taboo subject in the beekeeping world. We get it but that’s why we’re there, to be informed on stuff we might not know, not to be attacked for having been mislead by others. He is very very knowledgeable though and a wealth of information otherwise. The store staff was really great too!

Jill Gaylard

I’ve encountered a large number of tour guides during my numerous trips to Hawaii but the tour guide at Big Island Bees – he (Joe) has been the best. Knowledgeable, funny, gracious, and attentive – all the best traits you’d want. The tour was fun and included a honey tasting and a sample of their tarts. So yummy. I bought a lot of various honeys for myself and friends – easy gifts. They taste fabulous in my matcha tea. It was cool to see the bees and I learned alot. It’s also awesome knowing I’m supporting the bees. This Bee Farm is a must see in Hawaii.

Tso Chen

I like the guided tour of seeing the beehives. But my wife thinks $10 per person is a bit much for the tour. You also get to sample the different flavor of honey at the end of the tour. We would have bought some to go back to Denver but we don’t have a checked luggage